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Characteristics and color of stainless steel decorative plate

Stainless steel plate decoration is now closely related to life. Like the daily elevator, stainless steel elevator door cover, stainless steel decoration line, stainless steel door cover, and stainless steel window cover, stainless steel decorative lines.


There are stainless steel niches, stainless steel screen partition stainless steel cabinets and other products will be made of stainless steel decorative plate.

Stainless steel decorative plate color gorgeous, commonly used rose gold, yellow titanium gold, bronze, bronze, red bronze, water ripple, imitation marble.

Not only retain good stainless steel characteristics, performance, but also can design a unique style.

Stainless steel decorative plate has inherent corrosion resistance, strong, high temperature resistance and so on, after plating, no fingerprint stainless steel processing technology,

Its decorative function, corrosion resistance and so on have been further strengthened, wear resistance and scratch resistance, durable do not fade, no deformation.

A good color stainless steel plate should have good diagonal tolerance and flatness, which can be measured using a puller and a feeler. When choosing stainless steel decorative plate, we should pay attention to the plate type or diagonal, otherwise it will have a greater impact on the accuracy of the product after shear bending processing;

In addition, stainless steel decorative plate after plating method, plating time, plating post-treatment, use of environment, follow-up maintenance and other processes, will lead to different degrees of color difference problems, at the time of purchase, as far as possible a sufficient amount to avoid the impact of color difference products or engineering appearance effect.

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