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A global leader in steel

production and solutions

About Us

Tisco Steel -Xinming Industry Limited is a leading manufacturer and exporter of metal materials, is a professional in stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy steel, non-ferrous metals, metal products and other metal materials in the production and processing, import and export sales and industrial technical services, renowned modern comprehensive service enterprises. The company has world-class processing equipment, modern physical and chemical testing center and eight major processing platforms such as coiling, cutting, surface treatment, molding, rice gold, welding and machining.


Based on standard of EN570 and ISO 9001 with the full employees in the process of continuous quality improvement and quality assurance practices resulting in our customer satisfaction.


Tisco Steel -Xinming Industry Limited is committed to providing customers with carefully made products with excellent materials to meet customer requirements. Through continuous improvement and innovation, the quality level of our products is maintained in the forefront of the international industry.


By being a bold, creative and courageous market player, we will lead the way in promoting sustainable solutions.


While changing market conditions require us to move quickly and adapt, we must remain flexible enough to meet our customer’s specific requirements.


Our people are skilled, imaginative and innovative and have a passion for sharing their skills. This ingenuity leads to new ideas and new solutions.

Our people are our greatest assetand our number one priority

People and their safety always come first. Beyond the constant attention we give toHealth & Safety, we also aim to create an environment that encourages ouremployees to thrive and develop the innovative ideas that will drive our company tothe forefront of our sector.

Guided by our high ethical standards

All of our stakeholders have legitimate needs and concerns, and we aim to addresseach of these needs by being a fair, transparent, trustful and proactive partner toour customers,lenders, suppliers, authorities and local communities.